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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes your blends so unique?

All of our seasonings are premixed, all natural, and chef curated. These are not your everyday 'spices' found in the grocery store. These blends have been prepared by hand to create a unique flavor profile to enhance your food.

You are not just buying a seasoning pack but our chef's expertise in a convenient package!

Do I have to get a subscription?

No you do not, you have the option to build your own box and complete a one time purchase. If you love our flavors and get it monthly, you will receive a discount.

How does the subscription work?

We do not store your credit card or bill you automatically. We send a friendly reminder with your box details and the ability to click though the invoice to complete your purchase.

No obligations, no contracts, no worries!

What if I want just one seasoning instead of the whole box?

While we encourage you to build a box so you can have a wide range of blends available, we also sell seasoning blends individually. If you love a flavor we have 'A La Carte' options available in similar and larger proportions to what you would find in your local grocery store.

How do I buy in Bulk?

If you are buyer for restaurant or grocery store, a chef, or an avid at-home cook Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss bulk pricing. We can discuss seasoning cases or blends in lbs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

How do I keep my seasonings fresh?

In order to retain optimum flavor store your new seasoning blends in a cool, dry place.

What if I have special dietary restrictions?

We do not use MSG in our products. Our products are blended by hand in our facility that does not process nuts or dairy.


What is your return policy?

Since we sell a food-related product we do not accept returns or exchanges of any kind. That doesn't mean we don't want to hear from you. if you have any questions, comments, or concerns do not hesitate to reach out. Our friendly staff will do whatever it takes to ensure your next plate is great!

How long does it take to ship?

Orders are usually fulfilled in 3-5 days. Customers may receive their package within a couple business days after fulfillment but please be patient as your order is processed and shipped.

Carrier tracking numbers are provided via email and text. The ‘Shop’ app (available in the google play store and Apple store) can also be used to stay up to date on all shipping information.

How do you contact us?

The best way to contact our support staff or chefs is to reach out via email:

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Our typical working hours are Mon. through Fri. 9-5pm EST


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