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Tasty Meals can be Effort-less!

Our chefs will send you a selection of unique spice blends guaranteed to add a wide range of flavors to your meals. Our mission is not only to provide our clients with convenience, ease of use, and amazing flavors but also to increase your food intuition and confidence in the kitchen. We believe that food is a common connector, that it builds bridges across generations, and fosters love and healing.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner on your food journey by providing you with indispensable tools in the form of our chef curated seasonings.

It is simple to get started, pick an all-purpose seasoning, pick your specialty seasonings and clean out your spice rack. Seasoning Box will deliver fresh blends directly to your door.

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Meet the Chefs

SeasoningBox changed the way I prepare meals!

Coral Fowler

I love the simplicity. Recipes done for you!

Myra Lee

Taste is key - I use the All Purpose Meat on everything!

Ryan Harris